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Maryline Jacques


I am a French choreographer and photographer. I created LE LAB, an experimental space about the body and its representations, where choreography, photography and video are meeting. 


During the past years,  I conducted research on my own body, questioning myself as a dancer, looking for different ways to represent it.

On my "Opus #1 : FRAGMENTS "Poetic anatomy",  I "broke up" the body, in order to show expressiveness on each part of it, and from these close-ups, I developed a kind of macro-choreography. At the same time, I went out from LE LAB to share my work in a collaborative project, with students, residents, inhabitants, etc... and I questioned the relationship between the body and the public space. It enabled me to begin creating a collection of bodies. This will of sharing and exchanging with the public is entirely part of my process, that's why I set up these participative actions and collaborative project with people living in the territories which welcomes me.


With LE LAB, the choreographic work results from the photographic work, I try to find forms between performance and installation, and also works which could be slotted into public space. I experiment forms of proximity, which are out of conventional representations.


From there, I created some processes of performances / exhibitions / installations.


I'm very interested in travels, in everyday life, in familiar territories but also, on the contrary, I like to discover unusual places. That's why I travel a lot and need to connect my passion for exploration and my experience as an artist. I am "all-terrain" artist, and as I founded my company, name is "Compagny SABDAG" in India, in extreme conditions, I like to discover new ways to create, and get to know new culture. I'm also very attentive to details, so I began in Budapest another work about "urban" and I continue to explore it in other territories.


From all theses works, several photographic series appeared, they can be the subject of an exhibition, or be presented with performances.

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